Hi, I’m Liz Keaney helping aspirational women gain confidence and clarity for authentic success so that you become the Conscious Creator of your life - ALL of it! 

​Through a very soul centred approach I help you get out of a rut; change your beliefs about what's possible, heal your emotional wounds and begin a new kinder relationship with your body, mind and soul.

You see, I believe the key to success starts with kindness – self kindness. How you nurture and nourish your body, how you observe and free your mind, and how you connect with the truth of who you are.

But I haven’t always done this.   For many years I worked in corporate life until two serious health diagnoses within 12 months put my life on a different track.  The blessing in disguise forced me to look more closely at my life and learn to be much kinder to myself.  Kinder with how I nurtured my body, very much kinder with how I observed my mind and especially kinder with how I connected with my authentic self – my heart’s desire.

These days I am a Self-Kindness Advocate for Feminine Power and Soul Growth, qualified in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, Emotional and Energy Healing as well as a tutor of Qigong Moving Mediation.  Proud to be a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (Europe) and a  mentor for ​The Girls’ Network inspiring and empowering girls from the least advantaged communities.  

Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than helping you shine your light (I call it your ‘Inner Magnificence’) to become the conscious creator of your life; your health & wellbeing, happiness & joy, love & relationships, wealth & abundance as well as your inner peace.

It remains my greatest pleasure working with women of all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.