Green Juice and Bottling It All Up.

You’d expect me to be a lover of green juice wouldn’t you?

Yes, I’m still absolutely in love with everything green and nutritious but I often wonder how much more ‘whole’ we’d feel if we honoured our emotional health and soul in the same measure  too?

After all, the body is home to our mind – our mental and emotional feelings, as well as our soul – the essence of who we really are.

Bottling it all up.

How much does emotion matter? Especially all those feelings we’ve buried, bottled up and carry around with us as baggage?

My recent time in the Middle East working with all cultures and nationalities made me realise how many women willingly wear their heart on their sleeve but how others maintain a stiff upper lip, remaining guarded against revealing their true emotions and feelings.   

 Maybe it’s a pride thing?
Yep, truth is I’ve been there too!

But what if these bottled up or buried feelings hindered your energy flow and, left with no place to go, stagnated or ate away at you from the inside out?

Good news!  A few years ago, I discovered a really kind way of dealing with this emotional stuff. It  freed me of lots of the baggage I’d bottled up for a lifetime and it’s worked for plenty of my clients too.

If you approach it with an open mind and actually do it, I promise that it will help you too. 
The great thing is that you don’t have to reveal aspects of your life that really private, you simply need to be aware of your feeling/emotion. 

Check out EFT or Tapping as it’s more commonly known. I especially like the results with Matrix Re-imprinting which befriends the inner child always within us.

I’ve seen it help with weight loss, phobias, physical discomfort/pain as well as buried feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, blame, inadequacy, grief, fear, humiliation …and the list goes on. 

​More significantly when you let you go of your emotional past you can start creating your future.

Go ahead,  try it out for yourself. 

Leave me a comment on how it’s worked for you,  or if let me know if you’d like more info’ on getting rid of your bottled up or buried baggage to consciously create your future. 

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