Conscious Creation – 5 minute hack for Calming your Mind.

Life is busy, go go go! We’re on the go so much, responding to stimuli that it’s a BIG challenge to be still.  We need stillness to gain clarity, and connect with our heart’s desire. It’s through the stillness that we take the first steps to becoming the Conscious Creators of our lives.

My #1 hack for being a Conscious Creator takes just 5 minutes.   Be kind to yourself, connect with nature and RESET your mind into a calm alpha brainwave state.

What’s your 5 minute hack for calming your mind?

(Video created by Lucy Thompson)

Green Juice and Bottling It All Up.

You’d expect me to be a lover of green juice wouldn’t you?

Yes, I’m still absolutely in love with everything green and nutritious but I often wonder how much more ‘whole’ we’d feel if we honoured our emotional health and soul in the same measure  too?

After all, the body is home to our mind – our mental and emotional feelings, as well as our soul – the essence of who we really are.

Bottling it all up.

How much does emotion matter? Especially all those feelings we’ve buried, bottled up and carry around with us as baggage?

My recent time in the Middle East working with all cultures and nationalities made me realise how many women willingly wear their heart on their sleeve but how others maintain a stiff upper lip, remaining guarded against revealing their true emotions and feelings.   

 Maybe it’s a pride thing?
Yep, truth is I’ve been there too!

But what if these bottled up or buried feelings hindered your energy flow and, left with no place to go, stagnated or ate away at you from the inside out?

Good news!  A few years ago, I discovered a really kind way of dealing with this emotional stuff. It  freed me of lots of the baggage I’d bottled up for a lifetime and it’s worked for plenty of my clients too.

If you approach it with an open mind and actually do it, I promise that it will help you too. 
The great thing is that you don’t have to reveal aspects of your life that really private, you simply need to be aware of your feeling/emotion. 

Check out EFT or Tapping as it’s more commonly known. I especially like the results with Matrix Re-imprinting which befriends the inner child always within us.

I’ve seen it help with weight loss, phobias, physical discomfort/pain as well as buried feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, blame, inadequacy, grief, fear, humiliation …and the list goes on. 

​More significantly when you let you go of your emotional past you can start creating your future.

Go ahead,  try it out for yourself. 

Leave me a comment on how it’s worked for you,  or if let me know if you’d like more info’ on getting rid of your bottled up or buried baggage to consciously create your future. 


Are you too hard on yourself, beating yourself up about your appearance, ability and your life to date?I’m all for being aspirational but trying to be perfect is TOO stressful. We lose the ability to value ourselves & recognise our own success.

I’d love you to remain aspirational but be kinder on yourself. Love, praise and accept yourself as you already are. We made this little video about letting go of the perfection trap. As you can see it’s not perfect!  Let me have your comments about the vid and your thoughts on perfection.

She who is harmony with herself is in harmony with the universe

Marcus Aurelius    

Manifestation & Flaky Nonsense

Manifestation & Flaky Nonsense

Courtesy of Alison Clews Photography

It seems like everyone these days wants to know more about Manifestation, Cosmic Ordering and The Law of Attraction.                      
I call it ‘Conscious Creation’, being the Conscious Creator of your life.

My friend Donna recently learned about three ways to co-create anything.  The theory was simple; it explained   Ask, Believe, and Receive.

She decided to test the theory and asked for something.  She maintained a faith it would manifest…and she waited some days…and waited some weeks …and waited some more…

 Nothing, zip, zilch, nada!

Disappointed, she said it was all flaky nonsense.

It was only after she’d put her hopes and dreams to bed for the last time that the penny dropped!
Like attracts like, what you focus on is what you get. 

She realised her ‘Ask’ (which incidentally related to her debt) had done nothing to improve her financial situation. Maybe she should have focused on more abundance?

There’s a subtle difference. 
 Can you see it?

Notice how many of your thoughts and words focus on what’s missing, your lack, what you want less of or dislike about yourself or your life.  Like attracts like, what you focus on is what you get.

Be kinder to yourself – nourish and ‘feed’ your mind with what it is that you DO want.

Conscious Creation is all about clarity; when you get really clear on what you DO want the Universe conspires to help you. Of course you’ll need to take some action but be ready to notice wonderful synchronicities and co-incidences that reveal that the Universe is on your side.  

Start with just one thing.  Be clear on exactly what you DO want. 

Go ahead, try it out for yourself.  Leave me a comment to let me know how it’s worked for you and let me know if you want more  Conscious Creation tips and tricks.  

Connect to your Authentic Self, Become a Conscious Creator

I want you to have it all! Health, Well-being, Happiness, Joy, Love, Abundance and Inner Peace.  

You see I believe there’s an infinite power within you – there for you to tap into and become the Conscious Creator of your life.  But there is a  key to this infinite power.

The key starts with Self Kindness; how you nurture your body, feed and free your mind and how you connect with your authentic self.

I stepped right out of my comfort zone to explain more in this video.

(Video created by Lucy Thompson)
What inspiration, tips & tricks would you like on the subjects of Self Kindness, Soul Growth and Conscious Creation?  Can’t wait to share more.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes

​Carl Jung